7 ways you can make money playing PUBG

Check out how to make money playing PlayerUnknown’s Battleground!

top 7 ways to make money playing PUBG

1. Play online tournaments

You can make money playing PUBG as an individual, a duo, or in a squad format by participating in online tournaments with cash prizes. Prizes are awarded in a leaderboard fashion with the top prize going to the last man (or woman) standing. Some online platforms out there are Toornament, FACEIT, GamerzArena and Battlefy.

If you want to go beyond online tournaments you can make money playing PUBG in open LAN parties which can sometimes have large cash prizes. Another option is to sign up for the official PUBG Europe League or North American League tournaments. Any team is able to sign up and compete and get a chance to win a share of the €1,000,000 prize pool.

One way to earn cash playing PUBG is by joining an online event or a tournament.

2. Sell in-game items

If you don’t have the extra hours to put into streaming or to train for competitive events, you can still make money just playing PUBG in your free time.

make money playing pubg selling skins and in-game items

When you play PUBG you earn battle points (BP). These points are the in-game currency and you use them to buy crates. Once purchased, you can either open and keep the contents in your inventory or you can sell them on websites like Skins.Cash, BitSkins, G2G and Gameflip. Similarily, if you have rare or uncommon cosmetic items, you can sell these too.

3. Sell your game account

You aced the game (after 1000+ hours) and now you’re done with chicken dinners. Perhaps you want parachute from another plane for a change!

So what about selling your game account with all your skins, BP and wins to the highest bidder? Though not condoned, on websites like PlayerAuctions and G2G you can list your account and get money for it.

The downside to this option is that it is a one time deal. On the other hand you’ll be able to try out new games or just start over.

4. Bet on tournament results

If you love the game and understand it well, but you’re not a great player, or if you are good but want another income stream, you can always bet on it. Whether this is with your friends or betting on pro tournaments, it’s a sure way to earn money.

Websites like Sickodds will convert your strategic knowledge in real money, if you get the odds right!

5. Stream or upload content on Twitch or YouTube

Whether you want to make money streaming or by uploading content to YouTube, these are the tools to do it with PUBG.

1. Use a cost-free donations platform

You’ve got a good number of viewers following you on your Twitch or Youtube channel. The problem is they’re broke, or you just don’t like constantly asking for money.

Rechaaarge is a donations platform with live alerts that allows your audience to make cost-free donations.

To get started is as easy as parachuting off a plane!

  • Connect your Twitch or YouTube account to activate your Rechaaarge profile
  • Share your personal Rechaaarge link everywhere and make sure your viewers know you have cost-free donations turned on
  • Create a goal in your dashboard (if you have one)
  • Start getting cost-free donations!
make money playing streaming with cost free donations

With Rechaaarge you’ll also get your own dashboard to keep track of your stats, customize your OBS design, and if you’re in a giving mood you can even send a portion of your earnings to a charity of your choice.

2. Use a paid donations platform

Twitch Bits / Cheering is Twitch’s own currency that can be bought through Amazon and donated to streamers. In order to qualify you need to be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner.

YouTube has its own donation feature called Super Chat that allows the viewer to pay to highlight a message within live chat so they get noticed.

Streamlabs OBS is a free broadcasting and stream management tool and is a popular choice for streamers to setup donations through their stream.

Streamelements is a veteran tool that allows the integration of YouTube and Twitch donations. It is very similar to Streamlabs but Streamelements has new stream tools and more customization options.

Muxy is a tool dedicated exclusively to Twitch services. It enables streamers to make money streaming by receiving donations through typical payment methods. Of course, it adds personalized alerts on screen, with an elegant and professional design.

make money with paid donations tools

3. Subscriptions & channel memberships

Subscriptions and channel memberships make for a reliable monthly income.

To get the coveted subs on Twitch you need to be an Affiliate or Partner. Youtube also has requirements: to get their channel membership option you must be on their Partner Program.

An external option that has proven popular is Patreon, a membership platform that allows you to raise money directly from fans.

Each platform will of course take a cut. Twitch takes 50%, Youtube 30% and Patreon only 5%.

Don’t forget to make it worthwhile with exclusive content! Unique badges, emojis, early bird access to events and tickets are some of the perks you could offer for those who support you on a monthly basis.

4. YouTube & Twitch advertising

Just like on TV you can get paid by advertisers for showing ads on your channel.

Depending on how large your audience is, this option could provide you with a good passive income while streaming your gameplay.

If you’re a Twitch streamer, Twitch takes 50% of the revenue from ads, YouTube is slightly better at 45%.

5. Make money playing PUGB with affiliate links

Affiliate links are links that you add to your channel directing to a product for sale on an affiliate site. An easy way to prompt a purchase, is to recommend the gear and accessories that you use and love. Every time a viewer clicks on one of your links and completes a purchase, you’ll earn commission.

There’re a bunch of affiliate programs for gamers to choose from including Amazon Associates, NewEgg, and GearBest.

6. Getting & finding sponsors

OK! You’re crazy good at PUBG and the masses are following your every drop. Maybe it’s time to get sponsored. This means brands will pay you to promote or mention their products in your streams.

Sponsorship can be a steady way to earn money, just make sure to sign with companies you like of to keep things real.

get money from brand sponsorship

Notable places to find sponsorship are FameBit; an agency that connects video creators with companies who want to sponsor their content (owned by YouTube). Twitch on the other hand has the Bounty Board Program which allows streamers to connect with brands directly through their dashboard.

7. Make money by merchandising your brand

PUBG is widely popular so if you have a fair amount of viewers you can make money playing PUBG by selling physical products including branded mugs, t-shirts, apparel, stickers and anything related to the gameplay.

It’s an great way to convert your followers into paying customers. And, by doing so not only will you make more money, you will also deepen your relationship with your viewers.

merchandise your brand

Sites like Streamlabs Merch and Teespring handle the whole process for you. If you have your own design sorted, Merch by Amazon is a good option too as they do everything else. Then you have Design by Humans who have a Twitch extension so viewers can go to your store without ever leaving your channel.

6. eSports

1. Get esports sponsorship

eSports refers to a group of players, either playing as a team or independently, that compete in virtual electronic games, a $BN+ industry.

To get paid playing PUBG in esports you need to be good! And to be good, you need to be dedicated, motivated, practice (a lot), buy the right equipment, join a community of gamers, find a team, and enter tournaments! Once you have a name for yourself you should be able to find sponsorship either in the form of brand promotion or through an esports franchise.

1. Brand sponsorship – Due to the influence these teams now have, brands are keen to take advantage of esports by promoting their products and content in exchange for financing. Sponsors could contribute to a large portion of your income.

2. Team sponsorship – These ‘teams’ or franchise organizations are funded by sponsors or independent investors and behave in a similar way to traditional sports teams. The idea is to buy and sell players to compete in the biggest and best tournaments and leagues. Considering that the esports industry is set to grow to $1.5BN by 2020, it’s not surprising to learn that these teams are paying pro gamers on average around $60k per year, which accounts for only a part of their income.

2. Earn esports prize money as a pro gamer

The professional PUBG circuit in 2019 will consist of nine independent regions, each with pro competitions. At the end of the season all of the nine regions will be able to send their top-performing teams to the Global Championship. The prize pool at the PUBG Global Championship will reach $2MM.

esports tournament

7. Become a PUBG coach

Players wanting to get more wins can hire a PUBG coach to help them improve their skills and get that ‘chicken dinner’.

As a PUBG Coach you will make money playing PUBG by joining your client’s squad and training them in-game whilst also watching their back. The aim of which is to eventually improve their overall skills within the game.

You can find PUBG coaches on websites like Gamer Sensei, Bidvine and SuperProf.

Last word

In conclusion, if you want to make money playing video games, PUBG is a good choice. Whether you play for fun and just want to make a bit of pocket money, or if you’re a pro playing eSports for living there are tools available for PUBG fans!

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