7 ways you can make money playing CS:GO

If you are a CS:GO fan these are ways you can make money playing!

make money streaming csgo cs:go

1. Play in amateur tournaments

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the all time best games for 1v1 competition. For casual gamers that want to test their skills there are loads of amateur online tournaments every week for both 1v1 and multiplayer competitions. You can find online tournaments on platforms such as FACEIT and Toornament. Many have cash prizes, so you can play CS:GO for money as long as you have good teammates.

You can also find local LAN parties that have cash prizes and give every player the chance to win real money. You can find LAN parties online, a couple sites are LANPartyList and LANReg.

2. Trade in-game items for hard cash

The value of skins on CS:GO is incredible (the most expensive skin ever sold, the Dragon Lore – AWP, went for over $61,000!). And you don’t need to be a top player to make money in the skins market either.

You can get skins in a few different ways: in-game skin drops, you can buy keys to open cases that may have a valuable skin inside, or you can buy skins for cheap on the Steam Marketplace.

Once you have the skins the idea is to sell them for more than you bought them. You can do this all on the Steam Marketplace by buying low and selling high to get extra Steam Credit. Another option is to go to a dedicated skin selling site to find a buyer.

make money playing csgo by trading skins

As a successful skin seller you could make thousands of dollars every week, which makes this a very real way to get paid playing CS:GO. Check out CSGO.CASH for an easy site where you can trade CSGO skins.

3. Sell your account for money

Another option is to sell your account on various websites. This is frowned upon by the gaming community but is still a popular way to make money. CS:GO developers Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment take account selling seriously and will ban an account if they find out.

We don’t recommend this option. But, if you still want to go down this route, you will need to have logged enough hours playing CS:GO to attain a good level in the game. You could then make a bit of money by selling your account on a third party marketplace.

4. Bet on tournaments

If you love the game and understand it well, but you’re not a great player, you can always bet on it. Whether this is with your friends or betting on pro tournaments, it’s a sure way to make (and lose) money.

Websites like Sickodds, CSGO Lounge, and GGBet will convert your strategic knowledge in real money, if you get the odds right!

5. Stream or upload content on Twitch and YouTube

Whether you want to make money streaming or by uploading content to YouTube, these are the tools to do it with CS:GO.

1. Get cost-free donations

Earn money through cost-free donations from your audience when they download and try out an app through Rechaaarge. Obviously we recommend our platform, but honestly it does provide a way to monetize and interact with your not so cash happy audience.

How to get started:

  • Activate Rechaaarge cost-free donations by connecting your Twitch or YouTube account
  • Share your Rechaaarge profile and let your viewers know that you have cost-free donations activated
  • Create a goal in your dashboard
  • Start receiving cost-free donations!

You get your own private dashboard where you can keep track of your progress, customize your OBS design, create a goal, or even choose to give some of your earnings to charity!

make money playing cod with cost free donations

2. Use paid donations tools

Twitch Bits / Cheering is Twitch’s own currency that can be bought through Amazon and donated to streamers. In order to qualify you need to be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner.

YouTube has its own donation feature called Super Chat that allows the viewer to pay to highlight a message within live chat so they get noticed.

Streamlabs OBS is a free broadcasting and stream management tool and is a popular choice for streamers to setup donations through their stream.

Streamelements is a veteran tool that allows the integration of YouTube and Twitch donations. It is very similar to Streamlabs but Streamelements has new stream tools and more customization options.

Muxy is a tool dedicated exclusively to Twitch services. It enables streamers to make money streaming by receiving donations through typical payment methods. Of course, it adds personalized alerts on screen, with an elegant and professional design.

make money streaming with paid donations tools

Most, if not all, donation platforms will allow you to create and track a goal. Be sure to offer your viewers a ‘reward’ once the target is reached! Not only does this give your viewers ‘a reason to believe’ it’s a great way to deepen your relationship.

3. Subscriptions

Patreon is a monthly subscription based platform that allows fans to support their favorite streamers while also giving the viewer access to exclusive content.

If you’re streaming on Twitch then you’ll know that as soon as you become an Affiliate or Partner, a subscription button automatically appears on your channel. If you’re on Youtube once you have reached a certain level you will be given the option to have channel membership.

It’s very important that you reward your subscribers with exclusive content. If you don’t, some viewers won’t see the point of subscribing. Typical perks can include: badges, emojis, and other exclusive content or early bird access to events and tickets.

4. YouTube and Twitch advertising

You can show ads on your live stream or non-live broadcast to make money playing CS:GO. On Twitch the advertising revenue is shared 50/50. YouTube is slightly better on revenue split, keeping just 45%. However YouTube is more strict on the content; if your content violates their rules this will lead to channel demonetization.

5. Affiliate links

Affiliate links are links that you add to your channel directing to a product for sale on an affiliate site. If you have gear that you use on a daily basis it easy to recommend these products and share links to the store on your channel. Every time a viewer clicks on the link and completes a purchase, you earn commission.

On Twitch you can share these products in a content block below your stream. YouTube works in a similar way but the affiliate links are placed in the description of the stream.

There are over 40 affiliate programs for gamers to choose from including Amazon Associates, NewEgg, GearBest, Zavvi and GameSeek.

6. Product Sponsorship

Once you have a big enough following, another way of making a decent amount of make money playing CS:GO is by getting sponsored. Typically this means you will be paid by brands to promote or mention their products in your stream.

YouTube owns FameBit; an agency that connects video creators with companies who want to sponsor their content. While Twitch on the other hand has the Bounty Board Program which allows streamers to connect with brands directly through their dashboard.

Sponsorship can be a great way to make money, but be sure to work with brands you genuinely like to avoid ‘selling out’ and losing your authenticity.

7. Merchandise your personal brand

If you have a good following on CS:GO you can monetize your brand though the sale of branded mugs, t-shirts, tote bags etc.. Not only will you make more money but you will also deepen your relationship with your viewers.

make money playing with merchandise

This may sound complicated, but it’s easier than you think. In fact, sites like Streamlabs Merch and Teespring can handle the process from design through to delivery. And Merch by Amazon is a good option if you have your own design as they will handle everything else. Then you have Design by Humans who have a Twitch extension so viewers can go to your store without ever leaving your channel.

6. eSports

1. eSports Sponsorship

eSports refers to a group of players, either playing as a team or independently, that compete in virtual electronic games. It’s a growing industry and has $BN+ potential.

Most importantly and most obviously if you want to get paid playing CS:GO in esports you need to be good! And to be good, you need to be dedicated, motivated, practice loads, buy the right equipment, join a gaming community, find a team, and enter tournaments. Once you have made a name for yourself you should be able to find sponsorship either in the form of brand promotion or with a eSports franchise.

  • Brand sponsorship – Due to the influence these teams now have, brands are keen to take advantage of esports by promoting their products and content in exchange for financing.
  • Team sponsorship – professional esport team owners or franchises are funded by sponsors or independent investors. These ‘teams’ behave in a similar way to traditional sports teams – buying and selling players to compete in the best tournaments and leagues. They also invest in building audiences on Twitch and YouTube. With an industry that is set to grow to $1.5BN by 2020, it’s not surprising to learn that these franchise organizations paying pro gamers an average salary of around $60k per year.

2. Win money playing pro

CS:GO is one of the biggest esports in the world, and the absolute biggest when it comes to volume of pro tournaments. According to Esportsearnings, over $62.6MM has been earned across 3,549 tournaments.

If you want to take part in these professional tournaments you need to prove yourself. The best way to do this is by playing a lot and attending local LAN events. If you show that you are able to improve and work within a team there is a good chance that a better team will pick you up.

make money streaming in esports tournaments

7. Become a coach

Ranks are serious business in CS:GO, and some people will go well out of their way for a shiny new badge. In fact, you can make money playing CSGO by coaching lower ranked players.

Some coaches offer their services on Reddit, others through Steam or other websites like CSGOCOACH, Gamer Sensei and SuperPro. Whichever way, you can coach players to be better or help them boost their rank in exchange for money.

Final word

In conclusion Counter Strike : Global Offensive is definitely a game you can make money playing. Generally the amount you can make is heavily dependent on your skills and to make money playing CS:GO as a pro you need to practice, practice, practice! However, with CSGO if you are good at trading in-game items you can also make a decent income.

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