2019 Top 5 donation tools for Twitch, YouTube or Mixer

In this guide I am going to show you the best streaming tools to monetize your Twitch or Youtube channel with donations.

Not all the stream tools included in this guide are available with the main stream platforms.

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Donation tools


If you’ve ever streamed then you will have probably have used Streamlabs tools or at least heard of them. Streamlabs is a stream management tool, which streamers can also use to get donations from their viewers.

Streamlabs allows for the integration and customization of on-screen alerts. (Follow, Subscription, Donation, Host …).


Rechaaarge is a streaming tool that you can use to enable cost-free donations. No jokes, cost-free donations are a reality.

Let me introduce you to this new way to donate, where your viewers won’t have to spend a cent. Just like other donation platforms, Rechaaarge gives viewers the possibility to interact with you, the creator, by donating in support of your work. You’re probably wondering how this is possible? The way it works is simple. Viewers try free apps from the platform, using your link, and the advertisers pay the donations.

Rechaaarge also provides you with live on-screen alerts so your viewers get recognition within your community, and also encourages more donations.


Streamelements is a long standing platform that allows the integration of YouTube and Twitch donations. It is very similar to Streamlabs but Streamelements tends to renew their stream tools more often and provide more content for the customization of Overlays, Panels etc.

It allows for the integration of alerts in chat and on screen so you can choose which communication method you prefer.


Muxy is a platform dedicated exclusively to Twitch services. It enables streamers to receive donations through main forms of payment. Of course, it adds personalized alerts on screen, with an elegant and professional design.


TipeeeStream is a multiplatform donations tool that allows viewers to donate or “tip” streamers who they want to support. As with the other donations platforms listed here, TipeeeStream allows for multiple payment types and offers customizable live alerts, overlays etc.

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