The best tools for streamers in 2019

After asking our community, these are the best tools we think streamers should use!

What does the guide include?

  • Donation tools
  • Chat bots
  • Analytics

Donation tools

All streamers currently have tools, either from their streaming platform or external, that allow monetization of their content and interaction with their viewers. Here are the most used and useful donation tools in the market to interact with your audience and increase your Twitch or Youtube revenues.


All platforms

Streamlabs OBS offers the possibility to receive donations through PayPal, credit card, Skrill, Coinbase or UnitPay: a large number of payment platforms to ensure that viewers can make their contribution without complication. We highly recommend that you also use the notifications that appear on screen when someone makes a donation to personally thank contributors!

Access Streamlabs ->


All platforms

Rechaaarge enables streamers and creators to receive cost-free donations from the audience to monetize their channels, allowing every fan or viewer to interact and show support.

It also provides on-screen personalized alerts for each donation and different overlays to add to your stream. All widgets are fully compatible and easy to intergate with SL, OBS, SLOBS, XSplit, Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, etc.

Access Rechaaarge ->



It is one of the recent features added by YouTube to live chats. Viewers can interact with the streamer as they would normally do sending a message, however this time they can pay so the message includes the amount donated and is highlighted to stand out among other messages (the duration of the highlighted message depends on the amount). This function can only be activated if you are over 18, have 1,000 or more subscribers and 4,000 hours of content playback in the last 12 months, plus you must have monetization activated.

YouTube takes a 30% commission on each donation.

Access SuperChat ->

Twitch Bits / Cheering

Twitch (thanks, Captain Obvious…)

This tool integrates donations in Twitch. Users can make donations through the credits of the platform (bits/cheers). Only Twitch Affiliates and Partners can access this feature. Twitch gets a commission of 25-30% of the total donation.

Access Twitch Bits ->


Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, Smashcast, Dailymotion

TipeeeStream is a platform of high growth at the moment which allows to make donations through Paypal, credit card, or even an innovative way, Minar bitcoins, where the user only has to leave the tab open to start contributing to the creator. It also includes the possibility of displaying personalized screen alerts for any donations or subscriptions.

Access TipeeeStream ->


Twitch, Youtube

It is a platform used by many streamers because apart from offering typical donations for your channel (Paypal and credit card), it also provides free content to personalize your streaming. Overlays, personalized alerts, all this content is uploaded by the users themselves in order to create a community where some streamers help others to facilitate their work.

Access Streamelements ->



Muxy is dedicated exclusively to Twitch services and focuses on interactive live video applications. It enables streamers to make money streaming by receiving donations through typical payment methods. Of course, it adds personalized alerts on screen, with an elegant and professional design.

Access Muxy ->

Chat bots

Moderation bots are an essential tool to facilitate a streamer’s interaction with their viewers. Bots allow a quick moderation with forbidden words, audience interaction, and automated message publication thanks to commands and timers created by the streamer in order to promote some event, social networks, increase the interaction etc.

Here are our recommended moderation bots (depending on your streaming platform).


Twitch & Youtube

It is one of the most popular bots on the market: it allows you to moderate chat, automate messages and songs requests, raffles and many other functions.

Access Nightbot ->


Twitch, Youtube, Mixer

An emerging streaming tool that due to its maximum compatibility with current streaming platforms has gained much popularity in the market.

It includes a free plan but if you want to connect more than 1 account of a same streaming platform, you’ll have to unlock the extra functions with a paid plan (PRO $5/month ; MASTER $10/month)

Access Botissimo ->

Streamlabs Chatbot

Twitch, Youtube, Mixer

Streamlabs is a platform that offers an incredible range of streaming tools. Its Chatbot provides a unique experience for creators to integrate all its functions (donations, subscriptions, comments moderation, automation, raffles, …), and it’s completely free.

Access StreamlabsBot ->

Phantom Bot


Phantom Bot allows rewarding your viewers for their loyalty to the stream. As for previous streaming tools, it allows the moderation of comments, raffles, song requests or even the reproduction of Youtube videos.

Access Phantom Bot ->



Moobot is fully customizable allowing you to worry less about chat spam & concentrate on creating content. With some of the biggest Twitch users using Moobot, it shows the power it has as both a moderation tool and a easy-to-use chat-community dashboard.

Access Moobot->


It is essential to use one of these platforms to carry out a constant analysis of the market and your growth. Knowing how to analyze this data will allow you to optimize your content, improve it and therefore increase the base of current followers on your streaming platforms.


Youtube, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion

Socialblade is a growth analysis platform and it’s free! It allows you to see the number of followers that you gain daily, the views your content has had, growth over time, as well as the ability to compare your channel with others so you can analyze the key to their growth and optimize our own content.

Access Socialblade ->



Twitchtracker allows you to view the following information:

  • Number of current followers and subscribers
  • Average number of spectators and followers won in a month
  • Most played games during streamings
  • Summary of the games played and the duration of previous broadcasts

Access Twitchtraker ->


Twitch, Mixer

The interesting thing about this platform is that you can connect your profiles with brands interested in promoting a specific product. Analyzing your statistics in and improving your data could be very profitable.

Access Arsenal ->

Statistics within streaming platforms

All platforms will have an internal dashboard that includes detailed statistics of the audience you have. In some it is easier to obtain data through external applications, but generally, the statistics related to public, devices, retention, display countries, etc. will already be available directly within the streaming platforms.

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