How to get the most out of Rechaaarge cost-free donations

rechaaarge cost-free donations tool

In this guide I’m going to show you how to make the most out of Rechaaarge cost-free donations and get your audience to support you without spending a cent.

What does this guide include?

  • Platforms where you can get cost-free donations
  • Set donation goals
  • Use live alerts and notifications
  • Share your Rechaaarge link

Platforms where you can get cost-free donations

At this point I will discuss how to add cost-free donations on each platform. For this we are going to divide it into two categories.

  • Live broadcast platforms
  • Video platforms

When we talk about the live broadcast platforms we refer mainly to Twitch, YouTube Live, Mixer or Facebook Live.

It is important to keep in mind that the message must be different than on video platforms. Users need what we call a “Call to Action”, which will make the percentage of viewers and clicks increase, so will the cost-free donations. It will also be important to integrate the notifications, donation goals and streaming tools that help us spread our message.

When we talk about video platforms, we refer mainly to YouTube.

In this case you, as a content creator, will not be able to integrate the notifications or the objective of cost-free donations on screen. However, to make it more dynamic you can mention it as a pre-roll or post-roll announcement to encourage your community to feel part of your project.

Set donation goals

This is one of the most important points that will help you to transmit your message.

In your Rechaaarge dash, go to the “My Goal” section, and click on “Let’s go!”. From there, just enter the characteristics of your goal:

It is important to correctly configure your goal to clearly announce what you want donations for: what will these donations enable if the target is reached? Once defined, you can share your goal with your viewers so that they feel part of that common goal.

Use live alerts and notifications

Live alerts and notifications are arguably the most important streaming tool to boost donations on your channel. Currently these are only available on live streaming platforms.

You may ask yourself; ‘what are they for and why are they so important?’

Notifications serve to alert you as a creator and whomever is watching, that one of your viewers has collaborated or donated to your project. This provides recognition for your contributor. It also goes without saying that you should absolutely use these notifications to personally thank all the people who support your work.

In order to activate notifications, read our guides to integrate Rechaaarge with the main streaming tools, Xsplit, Streamlabs OBS and OBS.

Share your Rechaaarge link

This is a key point that will make your link stand out or just be one among many. Communicating to your audience that they can support you cost-free is a very good way of promoting donations. In addition it is very important to acknowledge the viewers that support you. This will make them feel good about contributing to you or taking part in your project. Most importantly, doing so will encourage them to help you achieve your objectives.

Share your Rechaaarge personal link everywhere! On all your social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), in your favorite chatrooms, on your local bus stop, with your friends and family and wherever else you can think of to get even more support!!