9 ways you can make money playing Dota2

Get your share of the prize pool by playing Dota2 for money

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1. Make money playing amateur tournaments

Like any other MOBA game, Dota2 players can compete for cash prizes in online esports tournaments on sites like Epulze, Toornament and Amateur Dota2 Leagues.

Or you can join a Dota2 LAN party. These are tournaments held on LAN servers at a particular location and typically there will be a prize pool. You can find local LAN parties through the gaming community or by searching online.

2. Sell in-game items

If you have a lot of Dota2 cosmetic items, you can sell them to players who are unable purchase items through the game. To be able to purchase through the game you need a credit card or Paypal, some players don’t have these but still want to equip their heroes with awesome skins and cosmetic items.

Typically these transactions will happen by meeting up or by local money transfer. The items in question are then gifted accordingly.

3. Bet on Dota2 games

Betting on Dota2 has been possible for a number of years and is growing. Just like with any type of gambling you stand a chance to win big or lose big, so be sure to know the game and players well. Sites you can check out if you want to test your knowledge and enjoy taking the risk are GG.BET, Rivalry.gg, and Dota2 Lounge.

4. Sell your account

Although frowned on by Valve and players alike, selling your account is still one way you can make money. To get anywhere near a good amount of money your account will need to have high MMR. This takes time; so if you do decide to go down this road, don’t expect to retire any time soon.

5. Earn money from the Dota2 workshop

If you have 3D design skills you could make money by designing Dota2 cosmetic items. You are then able to submit these for review by the Dota2 workshop. If chosen your items will be available for sale, and you can start to earn money.

Most of the revenue earned from your designs will go to the game, so again, don’t expect to earn much for your efforts.

6. Boost accounts

This is another no-no. Boosting, or playing on behalf of a lesser player, is considered cheating and is frowned on by Valve and the Dota2 community.

However, this is a way to make money and there are many sites on the internet that will put experienced Dota2 players in touch with less experienced players. Typically the transaction will go through the site to ensure payment / completion of the task.

7. Become a coach

Similar to boosting, except totally legal. Less experienced players will pay you to teach them to be better players so they can themselves improve the stats of their own accounts.

make money coaching Dota2

If you fancy the idea of coaching other players to get better, you can make a decent amount of money. You have the option of either going at it alone and offering your services in community chats or elsewhere. Or you can join up with a coaching site such as GamerSensei or Dota Coach.

8. Stream or upload content to Twitch or YouTube

Whether you want to make money streaming or by uploading content, these are the tools to do it playing Dota2.

1. Make money with cost-free donations

Start earning cost-free donations from your viewers with Rechaaarge. It’s a fantastic way to interact with your viewers who otherwise aren’t able to support you financially.

make money playing cod with cost free donations

To activate your profile all you need to do is connect your YouTube or Twitch account. Let everyone know you have cost-free donations turned on. And you’re all set!

You also get your own gamified dashboard, where you can set goals, earn badges, message donors, and even give some of your earnings to charity.

2. Use a paid donations tool

Cheering/Bits is Twitch’s own currency that can be bought through Amazon and donated to streamers. In order to qualify you need to be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner.

YouTube has its own donation method called SuperChat. It allows the paying viewer to pin a highlighted comment to your live stream to get noticed.

Streamlabs OBS, Streamelements and Muxy (Twitch only) are all free broadcasting and stream management tools. Equipped with live alerts, a dashboard full of stats and intuitive features they’re all good options for streamers to setup paid for donations through their stream.

paid donations tools

3. Subscriptions and/or memberships

Getting your viewers to commit to giving you money on a monthly basis is a game changer for many streamers and content creators.

Twitch started offering their Partners this option in 2011 then expanded to include smaller Affiliates in 2013. In Twitch’s case monthly supporters are called subscribers.

YouTube also has this option, though only for YouTube Partners. Introduced in 2013, content creators are able to make monthly income through channel memberships.

A popular outside choice for content creators is Patreon. Patreon offers pretty much the same service without the requirements and takes far less of your revenue!

An absolute must if you want to keep your subscribers happy; give them access to exclusive content and subscriber only perks!

4. Get on the advertising train

These days if you have a stream or VoD channel you can make money by showing ads. Though you probably won’t pull in a ton of cash through advertising, it is easy to set up and passive.

Both Twitch and YouTube let you run ads on your videos or live streams through their services. Naturally, they take a share of the revenue. Twitch takes exactly half and YouTube takes 45%.

5. Use affiliate marketing to make money playing Dota2

Another way to make money playing Dota2 is to include affiliate marketing in your strategy. Just add product links to your channel that take your viewers to an affiliate site. If your viewers make a purchase, you will get commission.

The best products to promote are the ones which you are already using on a daily basis. There are loads of affiliate programs available to gamers. Amazon Associates, Gearbest and Zavvi are just the tip of the iceberg.

6. Merchandise your brand

People love stuff! Once you have a big enough following you can create your own personal brand. Whether you want this to include some Dota2 elements is up to you. But by selling branded merchandise you will not only make more money from your viewers, you also enhance your brand.

make money playing COD by selling merchandise

Streamlabs Merch, Teespring and Merch by Amazon are some of the options out there that will help to manage the process for you.

If you do decide to use Dota2 elements just make sure you are careful of copyright infringement.

7. Make money with brand sponsorship

If you’re able to sell your own merchandise then it should be pretty easy for you to find brands that want to pay you to promote their products.

In some cases brands will reach out to you to get started, but if not you can get on the books of an agency that connects creators and brands.

YouTube purchased one such agency, FameBit to help facilitate this process. And Twitch has the Bounty Board Program which allows creators to get in touch with brands directly through their dashboard.

9. eSports

In August 2011 Valve invited sixteen teams to compete at a Dota2 tournament at Gamescon. This event has continued every following year and has become known as the Internationals. If you want to make money playing Dota2, going pro will bag you a lot of cash!

1. Get sponsored as a pro gamer

Brand sponsorship
The reach eSports have now is greater than ever. Dota2 is at the top, accounting for around half of esports broadcasting hours. In order to reach this audience, brands are keen to find players or teams to promote their products and content in exchange for financing.

make money playing call of duty with brand sponsorship

Team sponsorship
Though a recent development, the number of professional esport teams or franchise organizations is growing. These teams are backed by investors and behave like traditional sports teams. They buy and sell players to compete in the best tournaments and leagues. Dota2 teams are among some of the highest salaried esports teams to date.

2. Win esports tournament money playing Dota2

Since 2013 the prize pool for the International has been crowdfunded through a type of in-game battle pass called the “Compendium”. If you have any doubt about how well this method works, the prize pool in 2018 came to $25 million.

win prize money playing in esports

Overall, Dota2 pro tournaments have earned players and teams over $100 million making it the highest paying esports game. With that in mind, if you have a good team with great gameplay, then you should definitely consider playing in Dota2 pro and premium tournaments.

Final word

Dota2 has been on the top of the video gaming world for some years now. With a huge audience and lots of financial backing and support for the game and gamers, there are ways for anyone to make money playing.

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