7 ways you can make money playing LoL

Use your skills on the Fields of Justice to make money playing League of Legends!

1. Online tournaments

Like any other MOBA game, summoners of the League of Legends can compete for cash prizes by participating in online tournaments. Platforms like XY Gaming, Challengermode and Battlefy host a number of competitive tournaments. Players are assigned according to their in-game statistics to ensure fair competition.

If you want to get a bit more competitive then LoL LAN parties are the place to go. Usually aimed at players with experience across the board, LAN parties are a great place to improve your skills and make money playing LoL.

2. Sell your LoL account

If you are done with farming for blue essence or you just want to start all over, you have the option to sell your populated account. The amount of money you will be able to get depends on where you are in the game.

But, be warned! Selling your account is not condoned by Riot Games or other LoL gamers. So if you do decide to take this route, be careful not to get caught.

3. Bet on League of Legends

Betting with your friends or on a betting platform can be fun and rewarding at the same time. A good knowledge of Lol and the gamers will give you a good start, but luck and unforeseen elements play a vital role. Just like any type of gambling, this way of making money is the riskiest of all.

If you enjoy the thrill you can place bets on sites like Sickodds and WODuels to increase your chances to make money playing LoL.

4. Stream or upload content on Twitch or YouTube

Whether you want to make money streaming or by uploading content to YouTube, these are the tools to do it playing League of Legends.

1. Make money playing LoL with cost-free donations

A loyal viewer will follow you to the Howling Abyss and beyond, but getting them to open their wallets is another story.

Rechaaarge makes this easier by giving your viewers the option to donate to you without paying anything. All they need to do is try an app through your personal link!

It’s as easy as connecting your Youtube or Twitch account to activate. Then just share your personal link all over the internet and tell the whole world that you have cost-free donations activated. That’s it!

make money playing streaming with cost free donations

You also get your very own customized dashboard to track your progress, create interactive goals, and you can even send portion of your earnings to charity.

2. Use paid donations tools

Twitch Bits also know as Cheers is Twitch’s own currency and can be bought through Amazon and donated to streamers. In order to qualify you need to be a Twitch Affiliate or Partner.

Super Chat is YouTube’s donation feature that allows the viewer to pay for a personalized message within your live stream chat so they can get some special attention.

Streamlabs OBS is a free broadcasting and stream management tool that has been widely popular among streamers to setup donations.

Streamelements is a tool that allows the integration of YouTube and Twitch donations. It’s very similar to Streamlabs but Streamelements has new features and more customization options.

Muxy is a tool dedicated exclusively to Twitch services. It enables streamers to make money by receiving donations through typical payment methods. Of course, it adds personalized alerts on screen, with a modern and professional layout.

make money with paid donations tools

Pretty much all donation platforms will have the functionality for the creation of and tracking of a goal. By offering viewers a ‘reward’ once the target is reached, you make your goal more compelling and as a bonus, strengthen your relationship with your audience.

3. Subscriptions & channel memberships

Subscriptions and channel memberships are a reliable way to make money playing LoL.

The two most important streaming platforms, Twitch and Youtube enable streamers who are part of their partner programs to benefit from these features. And it is expected that you reward subscribers with special content, emojis, gifts and closer interactions.

Another option Patreon, a membership platform that brings back the idea of patronage, so your fans can support you to get access to exclusive content.

4. Advertise with YouTube & Twitch

Another way to make money playing LoL is to run ads on your live stream.

Twitch shares 50% of advertising revenue. While YouTube is slightly better, keeping just 45%. If you’re on YouTube be sure to follow their content guidelines to avoid problems.

5. Make money playing League of Legends with brand sponsorship

Once you have build and honed a sizable audience, another way of making a good amount of money playing League of Legends is by getting brand sponsorship.

YouTube owns FameBit; an agency that connects video creators with brands. While Twitch has the Bounty Board Program that allows streamers to connect with brands directly through their dashboard.

get money playing LoL from brand sponsorship

Sponsorship is definitely a viable way to make money, just be sure to make deals with brands you really like and admire to avoid losing your credibility with your audience.

6. Make your own merchandise

If you have a solid fan base you can start an online merchandise store to sell physical products. Imagine your brand combined with LoL in wearables, stickers and whatever you mind can spawn. It’s an opportunity to convert your followers into buyers, increase your exposure, and deepen your connection to your viewers.

Sites like Streamlabs Merch and Teespring handle the entire process. And Merch by Amazon is a good option too if you have your own design. Then you have Design by Humans who have a Twitch extension so viewers can go to your store without ever leaving your channel.

make money with merchandise

And, of course, when creating your artwork be careful of copyright infringement.

7. Add affiliate links to your channel

You are an influencer; your viewers listen to your opinions. A profitable way to take advantage of that is to work with affiliate sites. By linking to different products that you like or use often, you can send your viewers to affiliate sites. If a purchase id made through your link then you will earn commission.

Amazon Associates, NewEgg and GearBest are just a few of the many affiliate programs you could choose from to make money playing LoL.

6. Coach other players

If you enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge, then this may be the option for you.

Once you are very confident with your spells and your champions (preferably a Diamond I or a Challenger) you have the option of joining with sites like EggOne and GamerSensei. These sites focus on connecting LoL coaches with less prepared summoners.

5. Account boosting

If you have the skills but don’t like to share you could become a LoL booster.Websites like Ggboost, ElitistGaming and Proboosting hire players to help the not so skilled summoners improve their rankings directly through their accounts.

If you’d rather work on your own, EpicNFC brings you and potential customers together so you can transform your runes into real money.

Although this practice is very popular, Riot discourage players to do so. And, as with selling your account, the gaming community does not condone this as it is cheating.

7. eSports

1. League of Legends esports sponsorship

eSports refers to a group of players, either playing solo or as a team, that compete in virtual electronic games. This is a multi million dollar industry and it’s still in its infancy.

To be on the payroll of a company in esports you need to at least be a Challenger. Once you’re among the top 200 players in your region you should be able to find sponsorship either in the form of brand promotion or through an esports franchise.

1. Brand sponsorship – The reach esports teams now have is huge, and brands are very keen to take advantage. As a player you will be paid to promote products and content. Brand sponsorship could form a substantial portion of your income.

2. Team sponsorship – These ‘teams’ or franchise organizations are funded by sponsors or independent investors and behave in a similar way to traditional sports teams. The idea is to buy and sell players to compete in the biggest and best tournaments and leagues. Considering that the esports industry is set to grow to $1.5BN by 2020, it’s not surprising that on average these teams are paying pro gamers around $60k per year.

2. LoL esports tournaments

LoL esports

The first League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) in Europe and North America was held in 2013. Since then Riot Games has hosted the LCS every season and have given away almost $50M in prizes.

If you’re a pro player and want to make big bucks Riot Games LCS and some other related events are the tournaments you should check out!


As one of the most popular games out there, and with 2019 being the 10th year since it’s release, LoL has already created a career for many streamers. If you’re looking for a game to invest time in and go pro, LoL has the history and the following to see it continue to grow for a good many more seasons. But due to the number of already established players, getting to the top is more difficult with LoL.

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