4 ways you can make money playing FIFA 19

Lets talk about how to make money playing FIFA 19

make money playing FIFA 19

1. Play in online tournaments

There are a number of sites online where you can make money playing FIFA 19 by matching up again other players in knockout tournaments. Typically the prize pool will be a combination of players entry fees and the top players take shares. Toornament is one such site. EGL (European Gaming League) is a bit different, you don’t pay for entry but can still win cash.

2. Trade in-game currency

FIFA 19’s most popular game mode is FIFA Ultimate Team. This game mode not only allows gamers to play with other players but also allows them to purchase players and consumables.

On Ultimate team you can trade on the marketplace where others trade and list players. The currency used is FIFA coins which are not meant to be exchanged for real money. However, there is a very active black market for FIFA coins through which you could make a lot of money.

EA Sports does not allow this and doing so could result in your account being suspended!

3. Stream live or upload videos

FIFA 19 is one of the most played video games in the world. So it makes sense that many gamers will stream or upload their content for viewers to watch.

1. Cost-free donation tools and live alerts

With Rechaaarge streamers now have the ability to monetize their streams through cost-free donations. The platform opens a new income stream from viewers unable to pay donations.

make money playing FIFA 19 with cost free donations

How to get started:

  • Activate Rechaaarge cost-free donations by connecting your Twitch or YouTube account
  • Share your Rechaaarge profile and let your viewers know that you have cost-free donations activated
  • Start receiving cost-free donations!

One FIFA gamer already on Rechaaarge is MeelayyB – “Rechaaarge has given me the PERFECT opportunity to expand my revenue gained by livestreaming, it’s great! It’s given the people who can’t afford to donate an opportunity to donate, for completely free which is amazing! Would 100% recommend to any other streamer/content creator.”

2. Paid donation tools and live alerts

Twitch Bits/Cheering is Twitch’s own currency that’s used between Twitch streamers and viewers and can be purchased on Amazon. In order to use Twitch Bits you need to be a Twitch Affiliate or partner.

YouTube has their own donation tool specifically for YouTube called SuperChat. Viewers can choose to pay to have their message highlighted in live chat. A nice feature is that message will remain highlighted depending on how much is donated. IamTabak is an example of a FIFA 19 player who uses the SuperChat tool on YouTube.

Streamlabs OBS and Streamelements are other stream management tools that are popular for streamers and free to use. Both enable viewers to donate to their favorite gamers and provide live alerts and customization.

Paid Donation Tools

Muxy is a tool exclusive to Twitch and it allows gamers to receive donations via various payment methods. Muxy also gives you the option to add personalized alerts on screen, with an elegant and professional design.

3. Make money streaming with subscriptions and channel memberships

Subscriptions and channel memberships are another good way to generate income as their more secure way to make money in comparison to other methods.

A dedicated subscription platform used by many gamers is Patreon. Patreon is a subscription based platform that allows streamers to give paying viewers access to exclusive content.

Twitch and YouTube have their own subscription services. On Twitch Affiliates and Partners get a subscription button automatically added to their channel. Similarly once you’re a YouTube Partner you can add channel membership.

Remember that viewers are paying to get access to the best and most original exclusive content so be sure to provide it. Some ideas include unique badges, emojs, early access to videos, exclusive content or early ticket sales.

4. YouTube & Twitch advertising

On both YouTube and Twitch, you’re able to show adverts on your live stream to make money playing FIFA 19.

Twitch splits its advertising revenue with streamers 50/50 and YouTube takes 45%. YouTube is more strict on the content that is shown which can potentially lead to your channel becoming demonetized.

5. Set up affiliate links on your channel

Affiliate links are links that you add to your channel which direct to products for sale on an affiliate site.

If you have gear that you like and use a lot while on camera, an easy way to make money while playing FIFA is to recommend these products and share affiliate links on your channel. Every time a viewer clicks on the link and completes a purchase, you earn commission.

There are over 40 affiliate programs for gamers to choose from including Amazon Associates, NewEgg, GearBest, Zavvi and GameSeek

6. Make money playing FIFA by selling merchandise

Once you have a big following playing FIFA you will be a type of self made celebrity. As with traditional celebrities, your followers are likely going to want to display their support of you.

You can make money through the sale of branded mugs, t-shirts, tote bags etc.. And not only will you make more money, you will also deepen your relationship with your viewers.

make money selling merchandise

These days it’s pretty simple to get started; check out Streamlabs Merch and Teespring who can handle the entire process from design through to delivery. If you have your own design then head over to Merch by Amazon. Then you have Design by Humans who have a Twitch extension so viewers can go to your store without ever leaving your channel.

7. Get sponsored by brands

Another way of making a decent amount of money streaming FIFA is by getting sponsored. You will need a good following to be considered and if you do, brands could pay you to promote or mention their products in your stream.

If you’re a YouTuber check out FameBit; an agency that connects video creators with companies who want to sponsor their content. If you’re on Twitch check out their Bounty Board Program.

Sponsorship can be a great way to make money, but be sure to work with brands you genuinely like to avoid losing your authenticity.

4. Make money playing FIFA in esports

eSports is a form of competitive virtual electronic games. Recently, esports has become very popular amongst gamers and the industry is on the rise with $BN potential. As with other video games, pro FIFA 19 gamers can potentially make thousands of dollars.

play in esports to make money streaming FIFA 19

1. eSports Sponsorship

There are two types of sponsorship pro players are able to get.

  • Brand sponsorship – The reach esports teams now have is huge, and brands are very keen to take advantage. As a player you will be paid to promote products and content. Brand sponsorship could form a substantial portion of your income.
  • Team sponsorship – These ‘teams’ are funded by sponsors or investors and behave like traditional sports teams. The idea is to buy and sell players to compete in the biggest and best tournaments and leagues. Getting a team sponsorship generally means you’ll be salaried.

2. Win esports prize money

eSports is becoming an increasingly big focus for EA. In 2019 the FIFA eWorld Cup is aimed at expanding the competitive ecosystem. There will be more FUT Champions Cups, more licensed tournaments, more official league partners and a new way to compete online!

Anyone is able to compete, but would have needed to register by 31 October 2018. Registered players then play in the Weekend League and need to achieve 27 wins to then become FUT Champions Verified. These champions could then be invited to play in other online competitions. The ones that finish in the Top 60 qualify for the Playoffs. And finally, the top 16 players on each PlayStation and Xbox’s leaderboard will qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final.

Extra time

FIFA 19 is a good game to play if you want to make money streaming or in esports. I particularly like that fact that the eWorld Cup is open to everyone. EA is also moving their focus to esports in a big way which will be good for the game. It also means the audience will probably keep increasing which feeds right back into streaming!

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