15 ways to promote your stream

In this post, we’ll give you 15 ways to gain visibility in order to promote your stream profile and grow on your platform.

Ways to promote your stream

Do a review of new and trending video games

Audiences are looking for information and opinions when a new video game is launched. If you’re one of the first to post content about it, you might gain new viewers who’ll land on your page.

Unbox products that you have purchased and show them to your audience

Same as video games reviews: people like to see things before they buy them.

Make a compilation of your best moments in a game that is trending

It’s even better if you stream that game, of course! Fans of a video games don’t just want to play, they want to see more. You may attract people who saw your compilation and found out that you are also streaming.

Use live clips and share them on your social media network pages

Social media is powerful for promotion. With the correct hashtags, people will find your content more often and will share/retweet it.

Consider doing Instagram Stories and Snapchat in various places where you can keep viewers updated when you are not broadcasting

Have I already told you that social media is powerful? And why not also do something while you’re broadcasting? Your viewers will want to see, especially if you involve them by interacting.

Do an interview or try to participate in some

Interviews give space for questions other than the usual ones in your channel FAQ. And by getting your answers you will appear more approachable and “real” for the viewers.

Do live collaborations with other creators

You can do this with influencers who create content similar or have a similar audience so each of you benefit. You can also do collaborations with creators who are entirely different to reach communities who otherwise wouldn’t get to know you.

Check out other streamers and see how they communicate with their audience

As always: get inspired and learn from them, but don’t copy!

Interact with your fan-base and share who you are

What viewers like about streams is the opportunity to talk with the host, help her/him, and well, build a relationship. Don’t leave them behind!

Do something different from your usual streaming content

To reach viewers who wouldn’t otherwise find you, and to reignite interest in viewers who may be getting bored.

Start a podcast with some friends based on your favorite games

You might become a reference in the field! And stream those same games with those friends as a bonus.

Post a photo of your broadcast settings on Instagram

Use appropriate and popular hashtags and tag the companies in it. Other streamers and companies may share it to promote their products, and their followers will see it.

Let people know your streaming schedule on Twitter (and write it down at the top of your profile)

It’s great for people to know when they’ll find you live: it’s like having a date they don’t want to miss!

Enter popular communities for streamers or content creators

You can share experience, learn from others, make friends and collaborations, find new ways of doing things…

Be a good person, help other people and other streamers

Spend time interacting with their content and posts on social networks. Just be that cool guy/girl everyone wants to be friends with, and you may actually make new friends apart from just growing your audience 😉

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